The Museo Tattile Statale Omero of Ancona: A virtuous example of accessibility in museums

“I don’t really like the definition of ‘museum for blind people’. Because since its birth, it was conceived as a museum for everyone. A museum without barriers, therefore, means that anyone who enters it has the opportunity to use it, according to their needs and conditions”

Aldo Grassini (Network Museum Interview, 2017)

Museums’ role

Display room, 3 people exploring 3 different statues through touch. (Source:

The Omero Tactile State Museum

The museum’s founders, Aldo Grassini and Daniela Bottegoni, experiencing one of the artworks (Source:

Commitment to accessibility throughout the Museum

Caption plate for Michelangelo’s David, large text and Braille (Source:
A group lecture organized by the Education Department of the museum (Source:



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