The Bishop Museum in Honolulu, a hub for sustainability in the heart of the Pacific-An interview with Christopher Hobbs.

An image if a large building from a bird eye view. Around the building there’s luxurious vegetation and there are mountains in the background.
Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum Campus. Picture by Daniel Verderame
Close up of a cubic block of a solid substance in miscellaneous colors with a shiny finish.
Plastic building brick made at the Parley AIR Station from clean plastic lab waste from Bishop Museum lab. Picture by Chris Hobbs
Numerous shelves full of specimens of various animals like butterflies and birds. A sign on the left reads “Taxonomy”
Recent exhibit “Taxonomy: Our Lives Depend on It” at Bishop Museum, showcasing specimens from the museum’s extensive Natural Sciences collections.
An electric charger decorated with an abstract design in which you can see shapes that look like birds and stingrays.
DC fast charging station on Bishop Museum campus with artwork from local artist, Wooden Wave. Picture by Chris Hobbs



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