Sustainable development in a world on hold: implementing sustainable actions during a lockdown

Caption 1. University of Gothenburg
Caption 2. Source: the author. Advertising campaign sign saying: “JA! Köp lunch i egen låda!”. English translation: “YES! Buy lunch in (your) own container!”
  • Web lectures with additional PowerPoint presentations concerning sustainable behaviour in university labs and ateliers (directed at new students — including introduction to responsible use of equipment, tool maintenance and responsible reuse of disposable equipment).
  • Formation of written guidelines, later to be available in the university labs and ateliers (including posters and laminated instructions on disposal of chemicals, sorting of lab disposables, and reuse policies).
  • Redistribution and advertisement of information and research provided by organisations and collaborative projects working on sustainability (including presenting digital seminars, articles and research).
  • Presentations of sustainability-related actions and research at the university (e.g. student organisations and research projects).
  • Encouraging students to contribute to sustainable development by choosing sustainability-related topics for study projects and assignments.




Sustainability is the future. Culture is the key. We are Ki Culture.

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Ki Culture

Ki Culture

Sustainability is the future. Culture is the key. We are Ki Culture.

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