Bees and bacteria in art making: an interview with AnneMarie Maes

“The ‘Transparent Beehive‘ is a living sculpture in the form of an observation beehive made from plexiglass, wood, aluminium and steel. It was installed for the first time on a Brussels rooftop connected to an urban garden laboratory and has since been shown in various art contexts. The ‘Transparent Beehive‘ has helped to produce a variety of art works including sound works, visual images, and bee artifacts”. (from AnneMarie’s website)
“‘Sensorial Skins’ focuses on the sculptural capacities of everyday organic materials: skins, membranes and biofilms. Sensorial Skins are complex surfaces of contact. Some of these fabrics are grown by bacteria, others are the result of transformative processes reminiscent of an alchemical practice but now grounded in fieldwork and scientific methodology”. (from AnneMarie’s website)
“‘L’origine du monde‘ is composed of a metal structure on which glass cells, filled with cyanobacteria, are growing as they were young, sprouting buds on a tree in springtime. They consume CO2 and they release oxygen, exactly as plants do. Cyanobacteria have been an important element for forming the earth’s oxygen atmosphere”. (from AnneMarie’s website)
“‘Theatrum Algaerium‘ is a durational performance with the sea. Early in the morning and late in the evening, between low and high tide, the Theatrum Algaerium rises from the sea. Metal frames hold fluttering weeds and algae-carrying jars filling up with tidal water create ‘narratives woven from the threads of past, present and future’, while a team of performers prepares and offers ocean delicacies”. (form AnneMaire’s website)
“‘The People Database‘ archive is based on an extensive and ongoing collection of passport Polaroid backflaps, gathered from [AnneMarie’s] journeys throughout the world. The People Database Archive profiles itself as on open system, a laboratory to experiment and exchange. In collaboration with other artists it explores the varied and provocative presence or artistic alliances in our culture”. (from AnneMarie’s website)
“‘Theatrum Algaerium‘ operates on the border between sapiens and fauna. It presents possible futures in a new bio/techno/natural world, a universe that is at once terrestrial and aquatic, a prerequisite for future coexistence. In this garden of marine delights, our ecological consciousness explores the speculative time that occurs in the form of a loop”. (from AnneMaire’s website)
“Bees exhibit very original solutions to the challenges that social insects face, e.g. on the level of communication and collective decision making. They are an endless source of visually stunning images and sounds and their remarkable collective behavior provides inspiration and metaphors for the functioning of human society”. (from AnneMaire’s website)



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