An introduction to the Ki Books

What are the Ki Books?

The Ki Books aim to solve this problem faced by curators, archaeologists, conservators and anyone in the sector who would like to be more sustainable but doesn’t know where to begin or what the next step is. They are a collection of step-by-step guides for practical, sustainable action in the cultural sector. Co-created by sustainability experts and in collaboration with cultural professionals, they are tailored to the needs of cultural professionals. They are for curators, archaeologists, conservators, volunteers, registrars, architects, anyone who is interested in shifting to more sustainable practices but doesn’t quite know how to.

The Future of Ki Books

Expanding on the concepts of the above, two new Ki Books — Exhibitions and Education & Outreach — are currently in development and set to be published in January and April 2022 respectively.



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Ki Culture

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Sustainability is the future. Culture is the key. We are Ki Culture.